Many past and present world tennis champions have been introduced to tennis as toddlers. Rafael Nadal was four, Maria Sharapova was only three when she first started hitting balls, and Martina Hingis was just two. Andre Agassi started by playing with balls tied to his cot. And as they say, you are never too young to learn! 


At Monster Tennis it is our goal to impact each child’s life through the sport of tennis. We are committed to provide a fun, clean and safe environment for children to excel in tennis and personal development. Our mission is to unleash a child’s full sporting potential.


The innovative program at Monster Tennis promotes healthy development in children from age 3 to 9 by enhancing life skills such as social-interaction, self-esteem, physical skills, decision making, and learning to compete. We offer an exciting and colorful introduction to tennis that will sustain a young player’s interest and give them the desire to play tennis for life.

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