Monster Tennis Policy

                At Monster Tennis, we are dedicated in providing the most professional yet affordable, and size limited classes for all our students. Furthermore, we aim to accommodate our students with suitable lessons as well as convenient time slots. In order to achieve this, all our staff devote their time working incessantly in coordinating and organizing the lessons as each student is grouped based on his/her age and ability. We also have to make sure that our classes do not coincide with any of their extracurricular activities.

To maintain the efficient work and service that we provide here at Monster Tennis, we ask that the students keep to the pre-assigned time they have initially signed up for and agreed to. Regardless of attendance, the tuition is for the pre-assigned time slot. Because placement is done according to age and ability, there might be a change in class time as your child progresses.

We ask that the parents should bear in mind that we are not able to accommodate any last-minute rescheduling. With the growing number of students, available time slots are becoming limited. However, as a courtesy and at our discretion, we may allow students to make up for the classes before their package expires if we are given a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance. Because of the limited availability of classes and that students are placed based on their ages and skill levels, make-up classes are not guaranteed.

There will be no make-up classes for no-shows or same day cancellation.


Class Cancellation:

Our center reserves the right to cancel any class due to public holiday, insufficient coaches or students. All classes will be carried forward accordingly.


Class Placement:

The center reserves the right to remove any child(ren) from any session that may be inappropriate for that child or class.


Class/Trial Time:

All class/trial time is pre-assigned. If you are late for class, the class time will be cut short.



All packages purchased are non-transferable and non-refundable. 


Public Holiday:

We are closed on all public holidays. All classes affected will be carried forward accordingly.


Renewal and Payment:

To ensure your child retains his/her place in the current class, renewal must be done before the package expires (you are able to find the expiry date of the package on the student card which is given each time a package is renewed). If renewal is not done in a timely manner, we will assume that your child does not want to continue at our center.

Payment in full is required to guarantee placement. Payment is by cash or cheque payable to

Global Tennis Management Sdn Bhd



What happens if we go on vacation and have to miss a class?

With at least 24hrs notice, we will try to schedule a make-up class but it’s not guaranteed.


If my child falls ill on the same day of the lesson and cannot make it to class, can my child make up for it on another day?

Same day cancellation will be considered as absence; therefore, students will not be able to make up for it.


What happens if the lesson falls on a public holiday?

The lesson will be carried forward.


Can I send someone else to attend in my child’s place?

No, because all the lessons are planned in accordance with your child’s skill level, they are nontransferable.


Is my child guaranteed a make-up class if I give a notice at least 24hrs before the lesson?

Make-up class is subject to availability; therefore, it is not guaranteed. However by giving us an advance notice will increase your child’s chance of getting a make-up class.





































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