The Programs

Our programs are suitable for children age 3 to 9, they are designed to teach starters the basics of tennis using modified equipment to allow them to develop at a speed that suits them. This will provide enjoyment and confidence in the child through usage of our creative coaching aids. 

Munchkins (age 3)

Babies are naturally drawn to balls- from the noisy, colourful varieties that they play with since birth to bigger spongy balls when they begin to crawl and walk. Our Munchkins program will help improve balance, hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, awareness of body posture, motor and social skills.  

Tots (age 4+)

This program helps our children to master fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. Working on racket and ball handling skills.

Stars (age 5-6)

This program works on the basics of tennis including hand-eye coordination, balance in multiple directions, racket and ball contact skills.

Champs (age 7 and above)

This program is designed to introduce young players to basic technique, tactics, speed and agility. The program focuses on the importance of play and team competition and to give them the skills necessary to progress to a slightly bigger court and faster balls.

Elite (age 8 and above)

As children become more accomplished with their strokes and tactics, they can move on to the red felt ball (with only 25% compression). The red ball moves a little faster and travels farther than the sponge ball used with the younger group but still has a lower bounce than the standard yellow ball. It is a fun and easy way to learn how to serve, rally and score.

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