"I'm very impress to find out that there are so much more at monster tennis besides tennis. :) For almost every 5 to 10 minutes, the kids are doing a different set of activities. It's never boring. Most of all the coaches are kids friendly. This really encourages my shy little girl. I think i have found a great place to start her off to the world of tennis! :)" Mandy, daughter Kaylen age 6

"Two of our three girls have been doing Monster Tennis and they love it! Our 3 year old is asking us everyday if she has Monster Tennis after school and would be happy to go every day if she could. We are tennis players ourselves and find the program very much fun and well conceived, providing important basic skills for little players. Well done!" - Monika, daughter Angelina age 5.5 and Olivia age 3.5


"Enriching class for children for their development of coordination, focus and motor skills. Provide a good foundation for racquet games." - Anne, daughter Alyssa age 6



“I am so glad I discovered Monster Tennis. My son loves it so much and can’t wait to get his lessons each week. Tennis is the only lesson he won’t say ‘No’ to! Chin Bee is fantastic with the kids and my son loves coaching by her.” - Hazel, son Kai Xiang age 4



“Zachary looks forward to tennis every Saturday. He enjoys socializing with the other kids, burning his energy doing rallies & all the other related activities. As a parent & a former player myself, I find monster tennis unique- one of a kind in Malaysia. More importantly, it makes learning tennis FUN! I can’t wait for my 2 yr old to start next!” - Bernardine, son Zachary age 4+



“Boys like to play with balls. There is no exception for my boy, Yong Kang. He loves the tennis class very much. Since joining the Monster Tennis, he will wake up early in the Saturday morning and get prepare to class. There was one day he cried because daddy did not get ready on time. I am sure Yong Kang will continue enjoying the tennis class and gain benefits from this class.” - Oi Peng, son Yong Kang age 3





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